Vauxhall's 2016 Magazine

The role of Vauxhall High School is to enhance and maximize the potential of those acquiring and imparting knowledge, through the use of technology in an environment that will facilitate harmonious interactions, so that collectively all involved will go on to lead extraordinary lives, while making a positive impact on their families and communities.

The creation of the magazine is a medium for the institution to showcase the many diversities of the students, teachers and administrators at Vauxhall. Recognizing that traditional tertiary institutions used many mediums to forge comradery and passion for their institution, Vauxhall, as a growing institution needed to do the same. The school once began on this journey to create its first magazine, which was done in 1991, which aided in boosting moral and school spirit. The school wanted to not only replicate this venture but to enhance it in many ways, which included the internet through the creation of the school’s website and a social media page.

Without the involvement and guidance of then Principal Ms. Angela Chaplain, the various governing bodies, administrators, teachers, students and advertisers, this would not have been possible. Their cooperation and time spent aiding the production team where possible is seen as a priceless contribution which was greatly appreciated.

It is the hope of the institution that this magazine will be a catalyst in motivating all parties involved in Vauxhall school community, both past and present to have a renewed vision and sense of pride for the institution as we continue to shift gears and move forward into the future. May it become a part of the institution’s inherent tradition, where students will look forward to the magazine and will be able to share the moments with loved ones and friends.

A heartfelt thank you to all individuals, companies and institutions for their unwavering support. Thank you.

- Info. Tech. / EDPM Teacher
- 2016 Magazine Co-ordinator
- Website Administrator
- Chief Technical Officer

1991: The Lignum Vitae

The institution's first magazine, this was produced under the leadership of Mrs. Barbara Sinclair.

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2016: The Shift

The first magazine done in over 25 years, that reflects the achievements of the past 13 years.

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