The education act states that, “all students shall attend classes regularly and punctually.” Ministry curriculum guidelines also mandate that class participation form an integral part of student evaluation.

Thus, in order for students to realize their academic potential to the fullest, regular attendance and punctuality are expected. Responsibility for attendance/punctuality rests squarely with the students and their parents.

ABSENCE: If a student has to be absent from school for one day or part of a day, his/her parent or guardian is required to send a letter to the Form Teacher or Grade Supervisor explaining the reason for such absence. In cases where absence is not known beforehand, a written statement should be sent with the student, on his/her return to school.

If absence is due to illness, the nature of the illness should be reported to the Grade Supervisor or Vice-Principal. For formal confirmation, a medical certificate should be submitted.

Students are not allowed to leave the compound during school hours without written permission from the Principal or one of the Vice Principals.

If a parent or guardian should need his/her child to be released from the school before the end of the school day, the request must be made in writing and addressed to the Principal or Vice-Principal.

After any period of absence, the student, on his/her return, has the responsibility of finding out from his/her classmates what lessons, notes, assignments, etc., were given during his/her absence.

PENALTY for CONTINUOUS ABSENCE: A period of four weeks absence without any communication with the school, will result in removal of the student’s name from the school register. The student will then lose his/her place in the school, (Ref. Education Act 27, 3).

PUNCTUALITY: All students are expected to be on time for both school and classes. They should arrive at school at the designated time and obey all bell signals.

LATENESS TO SCHOOL: Students are late if they arrive fifteen minutes (15 minutes) after the designated starting time for school. Late students will be required to present their IDs and sign the late register at the gate in order to attend classes.

PENALTY: Students who are habitually late and/or who arrive more than one hour after the start of school will be subject to serious disciplinary action including, but not limited to manual and academic detention and suspension. Continuous lateness may result in the student being referred to the Board for further disciplinary action.

TRUANCY: A truant is one who loiters during the time class is in session or absconds (skips) class.

PENALTY : Three (3) or more times for the week will result in two (2) or more days of detention and three (3) or more days of Campus Duty. No improvement in class attendance will lead to two days suspension.

DISMISSAL TIME: At the end of each shift, students should leave the compound promptly except when attending extra-curricular programmes.

IDENTIFICATION CARDS: Must be worn “face up” and clearly displayed at all times.

PENALTY: Detention or campus duty.