In order to qualify for participation in the school’s graduation ceremony, students must satisfy a number of criterias and they include:

  1. Students should have an attendance of over 80% for their Grades 10 and 11 academic years and should have a 90% report of punctuality to school and classes.

  2. Students should have completed SBAs and sat external examinations, where recommended to do so (CSEC, City and Guild, HEART NCTVET and other MOE recognised examinations).

  3. Students should pursue a course of study with at least 6 subjects in Grade 10.

  4. Students MUST return ALL rental books.

  5. Students should have fully paid outstanding contributions of all auxiliary fees. This should be paid no later than January of the graduating year.

  6. Students MUST not have a history of suspension (s) and any other unacceptable behaviour. 

  7. Students should have a good work experience report.

  8. Students MUST have a record of being dressed in the correct uniform at all times.