School Creed

I believe that the Vauxhall High School can EXCEL
I respect myself
I respect my parents
I respect the Principal, Vice Principals, all teachers and
all other members of staff
I respect the positive views of my fellow students
I respect my body so I do not abuse it
I respect the buildings and all the properities of the school
I respect my uniform and I wear it with dignity and grace
I respect time and so I am always punctual to school and classes
I respect the pledge and flag of Jamaica
I respect all the rules and regulations of my school and I will abide by them
With my positive values and attitude, I will contribute in
making my school world class and in making Jamaica a great nation.
All of this and more I will do with the help of God.

School Crest

Our Vision

A disciplined school where parents, teachers and students work together to produce a high standard of work.

Our Mission

To create opportunities for all stakeholders to be developed Socially, Emotionally, Spiritually and Academically through the provision of world class education as we strive for excellence with the guidance of qualified staff so that our students will be able to contribute to nations’ development.