Principal's Message

The establishment of a yearbook is another milestone in any educational institution as it records our growth, publicize our school activities and give us the opportunity to share with our entire stakeholder the successes, the challenges and the vision of happenings of Vauxhall High School. Since 2002, I have seen this school evolve into a school of choice which has propelled us to provide a wide curriculum to cater to the different learning styles and needs. It is our intention as a school that we will graduate students who are scholars who are fit for the world of work and for further education.

As the Principal, I have enjoyed an excellent relationship with most of my parents and over the years I have bonded with several of our teachers and hence we now have a formidable team. The students have gained my love and respect and this relationship has kept me motivated to work as a school leader. There are days when the job of a Principal becomes overwhelming as it sometimes does, I utilize one of my management tool MWA (management while walking about). I walk the compound, climb the stairs and talk to the students and teachers. This works as a calming therapy and I become re-energised to continue.

The Board of Management over the years with its own unique style has shared my vision of establishing a world class school and offered its support while maintaining its finger on the pulse of the school operations. It is with great pleasure that I have noted that the wider community that surrounds the school treats the school with respect. We have shared our facilities (football field, netball and basketball courts) with Dunoon Technical High, Vaz Prep (my alma mater) and Elletson Primary, Browns Town Football Club and in previous years Vauxhall Rugby used our playfield as its training ground.

Recognition should be given to our past students who are world class as they have spread their wings all over the world. We are building a tradition and so one of our own past students, Timar Fitz Jackson, became the first Rhodes Scholar having graduating from Vauxhall High in 2006. This has set the bar for other students from our school to achieve and so we look forward to more students achieving high awards.

The Academic year 2015- 2016 is one of the most remarkable years as one of my dearest dreams became a reality as we are no longer a shift school. This was a result of my earnest request for this to occur and the response of the School Board and the Ministry of Education. Over the last 14 years, education has changed at an accelerated rate and there had to be more innovativeness as school. In addition, we made every effort to culture moral values and principles and the team of staff that is at Vauxhall High ensures that it occurs. Our school creed speaks about respect and all members of staff are required to treat one another with much love and respect.

Commendation must be given to Mr. Fitzroy Tabana, an Information Technology Teacher and his team for the production of this edition of the school yearbook. It is my hope that the contents of this yearbook will bring enjoyment, excitement and information as we work together to make the school vision a reality which is “a disciplined school where parents, teachers and students work together to achieve a high standard of work.”

With sincere and warm regards.

A. N. Chaplain